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LAVRA Madison Feb 17
LAVRA 3x (Omnium, TTs, Sprints) Feb 24-26
Juniors Rule! 2018 Season Opener March 3


The Foundation for American Track Cycling is a lifeboat for US track cyclists in the turbulent seas of elite international competition. US track cycling is constantly fighting an uphill, David vs. Goliath, battle against much larger opponents with much deeper pockets. Every American athlete with Olympic potential is fighting for a piece of a very small pie compared to other nations. Combined with the daily stressors of life and training, at times it can all seem too much. Far too often, talented and aspiring athletes leave the track cycling discipline at these crucial moments, when all the might have needed was a small bit of help. That’s where the Foundation for American Track Cycling comes in. The financial support awarded by the Foundation for American Track Cycling’s grant program helps talented athletes keep working towards their goals when they otherwise might have been overlooked. Helping to inspire future generations of great American track cyclists on their quest for Olympic glory. 

Andy Lakatosh
2008 Olympic Long Team Member
2007 Pan Am Games Bronze Medalist
28x National Champion

Bob, I wanted to thank you for having the vision and foresight to start the Foundation for American Track Cycling. Through this foundation, the junior track experience has been greatly enhanced, not only in Southern California but around the world. I personally know of many juniors that have benefited from the donations you receive. The fact that we had a tremendous success and the snowball effect of junior Madison racing was due in part to your collaboration with Coach Tim Roach and the Los Angeles Velodrome Racing Association. 2017 is looking like it will dwarf the 2016 success. I will continue to make the Foundation my charity of choice and will continue to encourage others to make use of this tax-deductible gift that directly benefits our juniors. Thanks again for everything and hope to see you soon. 

Len Lochmiller
2016 San Diego Velodrome B.O.D member, junior program
2017 B.O.D. member

About Us
The Foundation for American Track Cycling, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is helping local and nationally ranked cyclists to reach their racing goals. Through fund raising events, donations and the sales of Foundation for American Track Cycling branded apparel, we build our grant program and then award funds to athletes and velodromes who present a vision that aligns with the Foundation's charter.
Starting Line - Charitable Donations


Be part of the athletes’ progress by donating to our grant program. Companies in the cycling industry are welcome to donate products that can assist athletes in training and racing. Every year, we review grant submissions and then award grants based on the submission criteria.


Show your support for track cycling athletes by wearing the Foundation for American Track Cycling's branded t-shirts. Coming soon will be polo shirts as well as cycling jerseys, hats, and water bottles adorned with our logo for aspiring cyclists and enthusiasts.

Support track cycling through your donations or purchase FATC cycling apparel.


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